Pricing and features for our on-demand, comprehensive employee security awareness training is only $39 per user per year.  That’s only $3.25 per user per month!

All training includes the following:

  • Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training – This training is 45 minutes long and will train your users on how to identify and avoid common threats such as ransomware, phishing attacks, viruses, CEO fraud and other techniques cybercriminals are using to get into your network!
  • Ongoing Phishing – Each month we continue our random phishing campaigns to ensure that your users are on their toes when it comes to security awareness!   Any employee that clicks on a phishing link will be required to go through the training videos again.
  • Monthly CyberSecurity Tips and Broadcast Emails – All users who take our security awareness training will also receive our weekly CyberSecurity Tips Email to keep reinforcing tips and tricks to keep your computers and networks safe!  Additionally, for any new threats detected, we will send out a broadcast email to all users warning of the current threat and tips to avoid becoming a vicitim.
  • Monthly Campaign Reporting – Your point-person will have access to an online dashboard as well as robut reports which will show who’s completed training as well as who is still opening/clicking phishing emails.
  • Outlook Phish Alert Button – With just one click, your users can report any suspicious emails!  We provide an Outlook plugin that gives your users a quick and easy way to report phishing emails to the IT team.
  • Our “We’ll Pay the Ransom” Ransomware Guarantee – we are so confident in our training and phishing campaigns that we offer a Ransomware Guarantee!  WE’LL PAY THE RANSOME IF YOUR NETWORK GETS INFECTED WITH RANSOMWARE!!  All current clients who have gone through our training and are receiving ongoing phishing tests are protected by our guarantee.  And while we haven’t had an issue like occur – we have already set up our Bitcoin account just for this purpose.